Red Alert

Aurora metallic pigment 2oz (60G) *The ultimate red!*

  • Each jar contains 2oz of premium metallic pigments (mica).
  • Available in resealable containers.
  • Plus value size.
  • Packaged by weight.

River table: Add gradually to achieve the desired effect. The use of a mixer is strongly recommended. The “waves” effects will form automatically with the chemical reaction of the epoxy. Never exceed 1 full pot per 1 gallon of epoxy (part A).

Thin coat: Mix 1 full pot per Part A of epoxy using a mixer. Example: For 3 gallons of epoxy (2A + 1B), 2 pots of pigments are needed.

-Photo for reference only. The final result may vary depending on the thickness and the amount of pigments used

Always make a test to validate the coloring.

$26,95 +tx  USD


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