Table et banc en bois et epoxy
Epoxy products for woodworkers

Our products are specially designed for woodworking. Unlike floor products, which are whitish in appearance, our products are transparent.

All our products are 100% solid (no solvents).

R-CAST is specially designed to sink “river” type tables. You can sink up to 6 “in one go! Wide selection of pigments on site.

R-CAST is designed to flow in thickness (river projects, molding …) with pigments. It is a product of a very beautiful transparency and without solvent. Virtually odor free (you can do it in your home without any problem).

Price: 255 $ per 3 US gallons.

R-CLEAR is the ultimate version of R-CAST. It is designed to flow in thickness and its transparency is as clear as a glass of water. It includes a UV protector. It is used mainly for an outdoor project.

Price : 439 $ per 3 US gallons

R-FINISH is a poly-aspartic specifically designed to provide optimal protection for your project. Resistant to grafign, resists shocks and UV.

R-FINISH is designed to provide maximum protection on any type of project. It is very resistant to grafignes and offers protection against UV. It is applied as a final layer.

Price : 200 $ per 1.5 US gallons

380 $ per 3 US gallons

R-EPOXY is designed to solidify knots and cracks in wood.

R-EPOXY is designed to flow in a thin layer. It is used mainly for a project of recovery on a slice of tree, a log or other. Also used for floor covering. It can be used for a river project, but in several thin layers.

Price: 90 $ per 1.5 US gallons
165 $ per 3 US gallons


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