Table rivière en époxy brune

How to make a “live edge” project

Also called “Free Form”, the Live Edge is a cabinetmaking concept that comes from the United States. Indeed, it was created by George Nakashima, an ingenious American cabinetmaker of Japanese origin who was careful to combine tradition and modernity. And he achieved his goal with the Live Edge whose objective is to preserve the natural forms of the tree in the manufacture of modern furniture, including the table. To be clear, this trend aims to develop a piece of furniture in a single piece of wood while maintaining the knots, ribs, brown tones, raw edges and natural curves of the tree used. The Live Edge allows to obtain a table top singular, authentic and above all very original! It is an excellent choice to get closer to nature.

Multiple Reasons to Launch a Live Edge Table Project

If you are launching a Live Edge table making project, you are doing an ecological act. Indeed, it is a kind of second life that is given to the tree since it is almost all of it that is used in this design. So there is no mess. Also, the Live Edge is an approach that leads to exceptional creations and a great originality. The result obtained during a project can not be identical to that of another, because each tree has its peculiarities. So you can be sure of having a unique piece of furniture.

Type of wood and state of the board

With the cabinetmaker you will meet to get your Live Edge table making project in shape, there needs to be a discussion about what kind of wood to use. Be aware that all species, such as pine, oak and ash, can be used. It is even possible to manufacture this type of furniture with exotic woods.

The state of the board must also be decided for your project. You may have a preference for a rough plank, with its prominent reliefs and cracks intact. But you may be interested in a flat and smooth surface, which requires sanding the reliefs or filling cracks using a colored or transparent resin.

When you contact a Live Edge Specialist for your project, they will show you all the options available to you. Illustrative images will be shown so that you know in advance what the final result will look like.

Live Edge for which piece of furniture?

This concept can be put into practice for the manufacture of several types of furniture. For example, it is possible to launch a project to develop a dining table or coffee table. The Live Edge is also a process to make a beautiful piece of furniture to dress an entrance. It can be a raw wooden bench or a console. Also, it’s a great technique to put into practice to create asymmetrical shelves. In addition, if you want to give your living room a library that has a strong attraction, the Live Edge will give you full satisfaction.