R-Cast2.0 (UV casting epoxy) 30 liters

The R-Cast2.0 is designed for mass casting like river tables, charcuterie board and any other artistic project.

  • Improved cure time, 3-5 days
  • Clear and bubble-free.
  • Anti-yellowing UV resin
  • Improved hardness adapted to the movements of the wood.
  • Solvent-free

RC2 can be used for pours greater than 1/2″ (1.3cm) and up to 2.5″ (5cm) taking volume into account. The use of fans is strongly recommended for thick castings.



Crystallization of epoxy

$589,95 +tx  USD



Multi-layer application

  • CHEMICAL ADHESION: To allow maximum adhesion, we recommend pouring the successive layers when the product is dry to the touch, but still soft (tacky). Normally, this texture is obtained 36 hours after pouring. * Never pour if the first layer is still liquid*.
  • MECHANICAL ADHESION: If the R-CAST2.0 is dry (more than 84 hours), you need to  sand the intial pour (use 120 grit). It is important to “scratch” the surface to insure a perfect bonding between both layers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my epoxy freeze? A:Yes and no! UV Resins are very sensitive to freezing, which has the effect of causing crystallization (deposition and solidification of part A). Simply reheat the container in a water bath to bring the resin back to a liquid state. Refer to the technical sheet for more details.

If I poured my  river and I run out of epoxy, can I pour right away? A:Yes, within 2 hours. After this time, it will be necessary to respect the instructions for application in multiple layers.

What should I use to clean the tools?

A: Xylene

If i bought my epoxy last year, is it still good?

A:The recommended pot life is 1 year after purchase. With time, the hardener oxidizes and turns amber. You will then have to use pigments to hide that amber color.

Will my epoxy harden faster if I put more hardener?

A: No. The ratio must be perfectly respected in a volume ratio of 2A:1B. An improper ratio will cause the epoxy to not fully cure.

After sealing the edges(wood sides) , how long should I wait before pouring the R-Cast2.0?

A: You need to wait 24 hours. It is mandatory to sand lightly (grain 120) in order to obtain good bonding.

What is the recommended temperature for casting a river table?

R: 21°C, +/- 5 degrees. High temperature could lead to an exothermic reaction (overheating). Low temperature will cause bubbles in the epoxy.


Important Notes: Ryver Epoxy is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using the product. The use of the product requires several technicalities, it is therefore essential to perform few samll projects before making a large project. Moisture of the wood must be between 8% and 12% (kiln dry). Several factors can influence the final result, it is strongly recommended to refer to someone with experience before starting a first project. In case of an allergic reaction, stop using the product immediately


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